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Custom art and interior design by Ranelle Wolf


Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design


Let's go traditional

Traditional design is inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries. It is timeless and incorporates classic art, antiques, and unique pieces that are carved from history. 

Inspired by European tradition and style, a traditional designed space is warm and elegant. Like all interior design, the process starts with inspiration. Art inspired spaces speak closely to the soul and create a sacred space connected to tradition and consistency. Furnishings and details in a traditional design will often have obvious symmetry and are never chaotic. 

Dark warm tones are a popular colour palette for a traditional style. The use of art and textiles are often a great way to bring colour and personality to a traditional design. Ranelle will discover your inspiration, and create your traditional space through a deep understanding of you and your desires.

Texture and Colour

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Inspired by History

Modern design feature write-up

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