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Custom art and interior design by Ranelle Wolf


By definition, an Art Historian studies and analyzes the aesthetic and visual meaning of paintings, drawings, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, and decorative arts from a historical and stylistic framework.    


Ranelle Wolf uses a broader spectrum of thought through a heart-centered experience and nonjudgmental lens while considering political aspects, events, and culture of the artwork’s time period.


There are many ways to convey historical events, the stories of humanity, and the cultural beliefs present at the time, but Ranelle believes none are better communicated than through artwork of the time period. Not only does art display the artists’ talent and use of the medium, but how color, texture, styles, scenery, character, and viewpoint act as conduits for feeling and understanding. Through this channel, we are connected to the important lessons of human history and how we can continue to evolve as expressive, creative, and compassionate beings towards ourselves and others.

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