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WOLF Interior Designs

Custom art and interior design by Ranelle Wolf

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design


Let's go modern

Any modern design will have a point of inspiration that is founded from something in history. This inspired piece is often a favorite piece of art, a cherished item, or a piece of decor.

Building a home, renovating, or decorating your space with a modernist style can be a unique way to incorporate materials, textures, and art in unconventional or one-of-a-kind ways. Often using metals, glass, and reinforced concrete will add a modern take to any structural or design element. 

Modern interior design emerged in the first half of the 20th century and has morphed into different interpreted styles over the last many decades. In planning for your modernist or modern inspired space, Ranelle will dive into your inspiration and create a space that speaks to your style and desires for a modernist living space.

Clean Lines

Modern design feature write-up

Contrast and Simplicity

Modern design feature write-up

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