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WOLF Interior Designs

Custom art and interior design by Ranelle Wolf


By definition, an Art Historian studies and analyzes the aesthetic and visual meaning of paintings, drawings, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, and decorative arts from a historical and stylistic framework.    


Ranelle Wolf uses a broader spectrum of thought through a heart-centered experience and nonjudgmental lens while considering political aspects, events, and culture of the artwork’s time period.


There are many ways to convey historical events, the stories of humanity, and the cultural beliefs present at the time, but Ranelle believes none are better communicated than through artwork of the time period. Not only does art display the artists’ talent and use of the medium, but how color, texture, styles, scenery, character, and viewpoint act as conduits for feeling and understanding. Through this channel, we are connected to the important lessons of human history and how we can continue to evolve as expressive, creative, and compassionate beings towards ourselves and others.


An Undeniable Calling

Tikun Olam – we are all meant to heal this world.   A Hebrew saying.


Ranelle learned the value of human life early as she was raised in a Polish-Jewish family post-World War II. Her mother was a designer and artist, encouraging Ranelle to follow in her footsteps. Yet this was only one influence on her young mind.

As a child, Ranelle Wolfe’s family would gather with her grandparents on the Sabbath— every Saturday. They shared stories in great detail of the horrific demise of her ancestors in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. In 1956, her grandfather brought over five relatives saved by Raoul Wallenberg, a Jewish rescuer from World War II.

Learning of the Holocaust and what her family endured had a lasting effect on Ranelle. Acknowledging the atrocities showed her a distinct need to educate but also help heal, and for Ranelle, that is through the expression of art.


The Butterflies of the Holocaust

After her mother’s passing, she found herself standing at The Butterfly Project in the Tuscon Botanical Gardens through a spiritual revelation. Ranelle’s mother always collected butterflies, and she received her mother’s butterfly plates just before the funeral. At the gravesite, Ranelle asked her mother for guidance on what she should do next in her life.

Answers come to us all in various forms and this day was no different.

Intuition brought Ranelle to the butterfly memorial, which represents the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. Ranelle knew that she intended to begin educating and healing the world about the Holocaust in that profound moment.

Through art history lectures and art classes, Ranelle intends to use her extensive knowledge about the Holocaust to explore healing through awareness while honoring the millions of lives lost to hatred.

In particular, Ranelle wants to explore the aspects of transformation, inner strength, perseverance, and the spiritual beauty of the butterfly, both as a tribute to the children of the Holocaust and to the memory of her mother.

SEE Ranelle Wolf at the Holocaust Museum Houston, Lester and Sue Smith Campus.

Holocaust Museum Houston, Lester and Sue Smith Campus
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